Therapeutic & Expressive Arts

This service is for adults with a learning disability or mental health issues. It comprises art and crafts, pottery and woodwork. The emphasis is to provide an educational atmosphere that allows students to acquire new skills, hone existing skills and experience positive outcomes. The students are encouraged to enter into individual learning plans. Open College Network (OCN) courses are available and where practical students are encouraged to embark on these courses

Courses and individual sessions for adults.

These courses take place during the day and early evening. They include painting on canvas, pottery, DIY skills, cooking, relaxation classes, aromatherapy massage and colour therapy. A sample of courses are shown below, for a full list of classes contact 01332 774480 or email

Capture it on Canvas

Using oils and acrylics - discover the artist in you!

Going Potty for Pottery!

Enjoy working with clay to make fantastic pottery.

Ready Steady Cook

Learn how to cook from basic ingredients, after six sessions you'll be able to make the perfect Roast Dinner!

DIY skills

For those who don't know how to stop a dripping tap, change a plug and the hundred and one other things that need to be done around the house.

How to cook the perfect Christmas Dinner

Learn how to take the stress out of preparing and cooking the one meal of the year which has to be right!

Relaxation Classes

A space in the day of 'me time' where you can relax and forget the pressures of life.
What could be better than this perfect oasis of calm.

Aromatherapy Massage

A perfect way of putting the world into perspective and achieving a sense of well-being of mind and body.

Colour Therapy

A combination of colour testing and holistic massage to deal with the stresses of life.