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Founded in 1985, Padley has made enormous differences to peoples lives, "but we couldn't do this without the fantastic support of the people of Derby and Derbyshire", says Chairman, Pat Zadora, "and in these difficult times we are looking for them to go that extra mile for us by, in addition to the general support already given, asking, can you do a fund raiser for Padley?

Can you do a sponsored bike ride, walk, slim, leg wax or even chest wax! Or perhaps hold a fundraising dinner, coffee morning, garage sale? The ideas are limitless. Everything helps, so you don't have to raise massive amounts, though obviously we would be grateful for these. So whether its £10 or £10,000, give your heart to helping Padley this year, in the current economic climate we need your help more than ever. And don't forget to let us know what you're doing and if possible let us have a photo, so we can include it in our Newsletter. Good Luck in whatever you choose to do to help us and A MASSIVE THANK YOU in advance!"

The Padley web site is currently being re-designed to be more user friendly and to contain regular news updates. Watch out for the launch in February 2016!