About the Padley Group

Padley is a Derby-based charity founded in 1985 delivering services to people with complex needs.
We work with some of the most socially excluded people in our local community.

Issues such as . . .

- Homelessness
- Mental health issues
- Learning disabilities
- Drug or alcohol addiction
- Long-term unemployment
- Support for ex-offenders
- Needs related to rebuilding a shattered life

We strive to support people struggling to move on from difficult pasts. We work to build their self-confidence allowing them to move on and grow. We provide a safe environment for people who are at risk in society.

If you would like to make a donation, you may either use our donation form which you can print off and return to us, or make a donation online.

Partnership is key to our success and we work with all the appropriate agencies to provide the best for the people we serve, including Derby City Council - Social Services, Derby Primary Care Trusts, Derby College, Housing Benefit Agency, Spirita Housing Association, Probation Services , local churches and businesses.